Camellia Freelancing IT is a reliable organization for self-reliance and digital career building, we have 10 reputed and popular freelancing career building courses running here, we have been able to train more than 1500 students to become self-reliant for more than 1 year, currently we are running some courses We have taken the initiative to sell which you can buy through our website. It is very well arranged and organized and common students can benefit a lot by purchasing these courses and they can develop their skills at home.

1500 students are earning from home by learning our courses here, Bangladesh government is doing various campaigns to promote this freelancing sector, we are training to join this profession,

Our Goal

Our aim is to make educated unemployed youth self-reliant by teaching them freelancing, they will be self-reliant by working freely and independently and contribute to the national economy and remittance sector. Many students who have taken our courses here are working in various reputed institutions of the country and many are earning foreign currency by doing their own work at home. Camelia Freelancing IT is working with the aim that people can learn to work and become self-reliant by taking courses with little money.